Danny Meyer is a consummate restaurateur. His book Setting the Table is a go-to read for the Campbells, and one we have shared with our team and community. In the book, Danny talks about collecting dots, which I amend to connecting dots. The network we weave in life is our greatest resource; human connection is why we are here. In the words of Brene Brown, “it brings purpose and meaning to our lives.” 

Several years ago, I was buried under my Google inbox. It was my ball and chain, a constant distraction and drain on my creative energy. If I wasn’t checking it, I was worrying about it because I knew that every minute I left it alone, it was building with hundreds of issues requiring my attention. Vacations were tarnished by this constant disturbance and family time was muddled by the pull of this burden. In order to free my focus and my energy to use where they are most valuable, I needed a solution to deal with this never ending flow of pressure on my capacities. 

A friend recommended I try out a virtual assistant so I went to this online company and was paired with a woman that would forever change my life, my business, and my relationships. 

Mary Elaine Baker is a wonder, kind to a fault, conscientious to the point of sleepless nights for her clients - Mary Elaine is a gift.