Dear fireflies, 

Here we are again, another crossroads, another terrible decision to face. Niall and I have had many sleepless nights these last few months as we try to find our way forward through this pandemic. 

Bottom line is that firefly’s current model cannot stay solvent running only curbside. If we believed that the safety restrictions would be in place long-term, we would figure out how to adapt and reluctantly change our model. 

I say reluctantly because serving people in person on our beautiful farm is what we truly love to do. Firefly isn’t a drive-through, it’s an experience. Our passion is connection, to each other, to our visitors, to our land and our community. Cooking food in an empty restaurant is demoralizing for our family and team.  

If we believed these restrictions would be longer than the winter, we would find a different path, yet we believe that as soon as it is warm enough to serve outside, we will be able to open our doors once again. Until that time, we are forced to hibernate, and we will be closed.

This is a painful decision and very personal decision; our family is going through a lot right now.

Thanksgiving night, we received word that my stepfather, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 seven days previously, had taken a turn for the worse. This call informed us that hospice had begun to execute end of life protocols. We lost Greg this morning peacefully while my mother was holding his hand. 

Whatever people’s personal beliefs are surrounding this disease, the pain and exhaustion our frontline workers and the families losing loved ones are experiencing cannot be denied. Right or wrong, out of respect for my mother, for all the families losing loved ones and for all of our heroes on the frontlines, we will continue to follow the protocols mandated to keep our communities safe. 

We encourage everyone to do whatever they can to slow the spread of this disease. 

Firefly and our team are grateful for the support of everyone buying gift cards online, we are using these funds to continue upgrades during our pause and literally CANNOT WAIT to serve you in person as soon as we can. 

In support of the Huff, Campbell and Samuel Family dealing with the death of such a loving, kind and important member, in lieu of flowers, they have created a Greg Huff Memorial Scholarship for Buckeye Friends School. Donations can be made through the Buckeye website here.

We are grateful for your help, your patience, your understanding and support.

1810 Avenue of Mid-America
Effingham, IL 62401
(217) 342-2002