Dear fireflies,
We are very excited that Governor Pritzker may make indoor dining an option soon. We miss everyone, our clients, our team, our purveyors and our beloved firefly. We hope you will understand our need to take this slow, the last closure was heartbreaking - the next time we open, we want it to be for good.

The silver lining is that our team has used this closure to upgrade a LOT of things at firefly. We have redesigned our bar and lowered our drink prices, it's been a tough year for everyone and we want to share the love. Niall is deep in the creative expression of his craft and the menus he is designing will surprise and delight. We hired an incredible farm and facility manager who is outlining an epic plan for firefly farm, adding new heritage plants and produce while making sure we have plenty of delicious options for our pollinators. 

Best of all, Niall and I were able to realize a dream that we have been wanting to execute on for years, firefly’s employee lounge. We want to take the best care we can of our amazing team so that they can take the best care of you. Their lounge will be a place to relax, connect, watch TV or play video games. I want to install Just Dance so we can capture some hilarious moves for our social media, stay tuned for some funny videos.

We are doing our best to make the most out of this shutdown. As of now, our plan is to re-open on March 16th. Since everyone will need time and training on all the changes, we will open the first week for dinner reservations only, the following week we will begin lunch and dinner service. Reservations will be available starting March 1st on our website at If anything changes in the Covid landscape that could impact these dates, we will let people know as quickly as possible.

It's a rocky landscape and we have taken a lot of hits since Covid hit the scene -opening too quickly could risk another huge one. We are so grateful for everyone's support and patience as we do our best to navigate this pandemic. Niall, myself and the entire team CANNOT WAIT to welcome you back to our second home.

We’re so glad you’re here!
Kristie, Niall and Camden
1810 Avenue of Mid-America
Effingham, IL 62401
(217) 342-2002