Dear fireflies,

We miss you. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been the health and safety of everyone in our community, country and planet. Many fireflies are reaching out to ask when we will be open, the honest answer is, we don’t know. 

Our team continues to agonize over how to safely serve you all. We pour over research and options, we meet with advisors and experts, the majority recommending we wait to open. We have had multiple friends who rushed to get open, only to be closed down again by their states. We’ve had friends risk their licenses, insurance and livelihood to try and get back online only to have a COVID case shut them down along with damage to their reputations and brands.

If we are overly cautious, it is an inconvenience and financial hardship. If we are under cautious, someone could get hurt.

At this time, we are remaining closed to in house service and have begun to put a plan together to create firefly food that clients can have at home. Our typical menu is not made for take-away or curbside, anyone who has ever worked on our team knows if something isn’t out of the window in two minutes, Chef Niall tosses it and makes a fresh one.

Because of this, he is working on food that travels well and can be finished in your homes. Food that can be par-baked, refrigerated or frozen like firefly lasagna, shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie, soups, pho, bolognese and hopefully caprese salads in a bag. We will pre-sell everything for pick-up so that interaction is limited and clients can stock up in a one stop shop. 

While we work to put this plan together, Niall has offered to do something special for Kristie and the Buckeye Friends School community who are facing big challenges with COVID.

To help, Chef Niall has decided to auction off several multi-course family meals which will be hand crafted and home delivered to the winners. All proceeds will go to help Buckeye purchase and install the same state of the art HVAC antiviral systems to filter out the aerosols that carry COVID, flus and colds and to fund their tuition assistance program for families facing additional hardships. 

We hope you will participate and look forward to sharing firefly comfort. Everyone at Buckeye is grateful for your support!

We are all in this together and thankful to be part of a united community dedicated to helping one another. 

Niall, Kristie and Camden
1810 Avenue of Mid-America
Effingham, IL 62401
(217) 342-2002