Did you know Niall grew up on a dairy farm?
Our incredible head chef, Niall Campbell, spoke with AgriNews on how his life was impacted being raised on a dairy farm. He worked long hours on the farm, even after school, and he says, "when I use their product [dairy farmers'], I believe the same amount of hard work that goes into getting that milk to me also needs to go into caring for the milk and cooking with the milk"
Niall wants each customer to feel the love and dedication that has gone into obtaining the ingredients for each dish. He wants them to rest comfortably knowing their food was grown locally and organically. We want to nourish our customers with the best product. To read the full article click the button below!
Congratulations Kourtney Rich!
Kourtney Rich has won our July contest and a $50 gift card to Firefly! Kourtney's family and friends went camping for the 4th of July and enjoyed the holiday under the brightest stars.
Between her family and her friend's family there were at least 15 people plus "several extra kids" running around, says Kourtney!
Thank you to everyone who submitted a picture and shared your 4th of July celebrations with us.
Our dock seating is waiting for you!
Our dock seating is the perfect place to enjoy an evening out! AND it's available to rent for special events like this gorgeous, intimate wedding! Contact our event coordinator, Katie Koester, to book our dock for your next event.
(217) 342 2002
Make a reservation today to soak up the scenery at firefly and savor our farm to table food!