In this new year, let’s go on a health food journey and nourish our bodies with the best sources our earth has to offer. 
Our friend Prima at Heartland Health Food Store does just that and she has all the resources, tools, and information to meet you on your journey wherever you’re starting at. 

Prima’s journey with Heartland Health Food started over a year ago when she heard of a health food store for sale about 30 miles away from her home. She visited the store and fell in love with the possibilities and products offered, so she decided to dive in and take a stab at owning it. As a 30+ year vegetarian Prima is so passionate about educating others on the health benefits found right here on our earth. She has an incredible desire to share and aid others in the healing power of food and supplements. 

“We are so far from that right now in everything we do”. 

The base and staple of most people’s diets in our day and age is canned and processed foods. The chemicals in canned and processed foods can do so much harm to our bodies. So many ailments and illnesses can be tamed starting just with our diets. It can be daunting and there are so many pieces to think about, but it’s about starting small and starting where you can. Heartland Health Food offers juices, smoothies, essential oils, grass fed meats, supplements, and produce. If you have a food allergy Heartland is definitely the place for you. They have growing allergy friendly resources and Prima can direct you to the supplements and products that are best for you and your allergy. They have so many options for allergy specific diets. 

Looking toward the future, there is a Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics office opening next door to Heartland and Prima would love to take her education further to teach those healing from orthopedic surgeries that healing from major orthopedic work also comes from what we eat and put into our bodies. One’s diet post orthopedic surgery drastically affects how your body heals. Arnica is actually one of the most available pain relievers in the world and it’s homeopathic and completely natural! A clean and healthy diet including cruciferous veggies, bone broth, lots of protein, supplements and more can decrease healing time drastically and prevent recurring injuries. Prima’s passion is to have a wellness partnership with the Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedic Center and other health care providers in the area to continue her passion for wellness teaching.

Heartland is looking forward to a COVID free world because under Prima’s ownership of Heartland Health Food, COVID has always been a factor. They offer so many immunity supplements and products that strengthen our body’s ability to fight sickness and disease - we urge you to take a visit to her store and learn everything you can from Prima about protecting your body especially during these times, and enjoy the healthy supplements and products for any dietary need!

At firefly, we believe in using everything we can from our earth. There are so many ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle using what nature gives us. We know you, our fireflies, who believe in our passions too will love the resources Heartland Health Food has to offer. Thank you Prima for your dedication to educating those around you about the riches that come from our earth.
Stay tuned for our reopening date coming soon! We have so many improvements and changes being made at firefly in the meantime that we can't wait to share with you.
1810 Avenue of Mid-America
Effingham, IL 62401
(217) 342-2002