We're so excited to see all our fireflies today at the Valentine's Day Tasting!
Hello New Desserts
Have you tried our new desserts? They're the perfect way to end your lunch or dinner at firefly. Dunk a brownie in our house-made hot chocolate (with whip!) or savor the sugar cookies that accompany our Creme Brûlée. Our Strawberry Trifle, Maple Almond, or Fat Dadio present the perfect variety to satisfy whatever your sweet tooth is craving. Check out our menu and see which delicious sweet you'll be trying on your next trip to see us!
Stop By Our Bar
Our amazing team have put together two new cocktails: Rose Sangria and a Violettes Delight. Both gorgeous and refreshing, they're a wonderful choice to kick off your meal. Make plans to join us this weekend!
Come See Us This Weekend
Head on over to firefly this weekend and pamper yourself with Chef Niall's weekend specials such as: Seabass, Broiled Swordfish, Cervena Elk, Chicken Consomme, Maine Lobster Risotto and more. View the full list of specials below.
If you're checking out an EPC show this weekend like "The Office: A Music Parody" or the "Restless Heart", grab dinner beforehand with us.