Kelsey Bucci is an inspiration. I had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey in Savannah, Georgia, and learning about her story. She is a military spouse, a mom, a breast cancer survivor, a business owner, and a role model to women everywhere. 

Kelsey’s and her husband’s military journey started when her husband commissioned as an Army infantry officer. He is currently an ROTC professor in Savannah, and they are parents to four beautiful children who keep them on their toes!  

Kelsey was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2017. She has since undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments and had a bilateral mastectomy. After several rounds of chemo Kelsey began to think about the effects of the many chemicals we put on and in our body. During treatment she spiked a fever and had to leave her family for five days to be placed in protective isolation because she was vulnerable to infection from a compromised immune system. She was visited by an internal medicine doctor because all of her labs were returning negative without an apparent cause for her condition. This doctor spoke to her about all the harmful chemicals we interact with on a daily basis and advised her to steer clear of them during her treatments. His advice got Kelsey thinking because the importance of using clean products made so much sense. She then embarked on extensive research of clean beauty and hygiene products. She’d had an idea of a business based around clean products for a while, but until now she wasn’t quite sure what it would look like. 

During cancer treatments patients are told not to use certain everyday products due to the chemical ingredients and how the treatments can make the patient’s skin sensitive. “If I’m being told during cancer treatments not to use certain household items because they could be harmful, why should I use them at all?'' thought Kelsey. She immediately switched her family to clean, nontoxic products from house cleaners, to shampoo, to face cleaner, to makeup. There was a noticeable improvement in her skin as well as her family members’ skin, including with symptoms from eczema. They felt better. They felt safer. Kelsey subsequently started her company, Paris Laundry , to share the benefits of clean products with others.